Fire Investigators

Is your business insured where you need it most?

most Fire Investigators

think their businesses are fully protected but the reality is 

Common Functions

such as:
-Evidence Care & Control
-engineering analysis
-processing of a fire scene
Among others..

are not covered

by standard professional insurance plans
which leaves fire Investigators exposed 
 and at risk
whenever performing these basic tasks
until now..

Introducing the NAFI Pro Plan

The First Comprehensive Business Insurance Written Specifically 
For Fire Investigators
by fire investigators

The NAFI Pro Plan 

is affordable professional insurance that 

protects the
business and science

Of Professional Fire Investigation

we designed it to protect the industry

and we use it to insure our own businesses, too
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What People are Saying About Us

It really came down to price, as I was just starting out and that was the main factor. Price Point!

Jason - New York

I called one agency and asked about Professional Liability Insurance for fire investigators.  The agent laughed and asked if this was a practical joke.  That's when we knew NAFI had to step in and take the lead. 

Christine - NAFI Board Member

We are exposed to claims which could arise in the course of an investigation should something go wrong and our only assets could be our homes and property.  

David - New Jersey

Whenever I spoke to other agents about professional liability coverage in this field they bristled and came back with outrageously high quotes just because they often didn’t understand the activity.  When you offered a tailored policy for the independent fire investigator there was no reason to not enroll.

David - New Jersey

NAFI Pro Plan Coverage details

Engineering Analysis
Care, Custody And Control Of Evidence
Preparation Of Reports And Court Testimony
Expert Witness Services
Full Civil Liability Coverage, Not Just Negligence
Coverage For Suits Brought Anywhere In The World As Standard
Clear Unambiguous Coverage For Breach Of Client Contract
Specific Coverage For Breach Of Intellectual Property Rights
Payment Of Fees Withheld By A Client If This Mitigates A Potentially Larger Claim
Reimburse Of Costs Incurred To Help Reduce Or Avoid A Claim
Punitive And Exemplary Damages Coverage
A Broad Definition Of Business Activities That Includes Technology Services
Retroactive Date Coverage Up To The Retroactive Date In The Declaration
Waiver Of Subrogation Endorsement, Upon Request
Valid In All 50 States And Worldwide
Written By Fire Investigators.

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